Say Goodbye to Your Unsightly Tree

Schedule tree removal services & palm tree trimming in Pinellas County, FL & surrounding areas

Do you have a rotting tree in your yard? Not only is this hurting your curb appeal, but it's also posing a safety risk. Thankfully, Birchwood Landcare MGMT provides tree removal services in Pinellas County, FL and surrounding areas.

We'll remove your unwanted tree and grind the stump down, so you won't be able to tell a tree was ever there. To work with an experienced and skilled tree removal company, contact us today.

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Going further than tree removal

While we take pride in our tree removal services, we don't stop there. You can also count on us to:

  • Provide palm tree trimming services and canopy work to help them look their best
  • Clear your land in preparation for a construction project
  • Elevate trees to make them appear taller

We always prioritize tree health during trimmings, so you can feel confident that your trees will look great and stay strong. Schedule an appointment for our land clearing or palm tree trimming services today.